Diving & Snorkelling
Bonaire is a "Divers' Paradise", as it says even on the local license plates. Due to the island's arid climate, little rainfall and no run-offs, the waters are exceptionally clear of silt, calm, and 'diveable' year round. It is an ideal destination for underwater photographers. Bonaire has been consistently voted the number one shore-diving destination in the world, promoting 24-hour diving freedom on the more than 80 dive sites around the island and Klein Bonaire. Pristine coral reef formations with 372 species of fish, crustaceans, sponges, anemones and invertebrates make for some of the best diving in the region. The wreck of the Hilma Hooker lies at a depth of 30m where it was sunk when customs officers confiscated its cargo of Marijuana bales.

There is some great diving off Lac Cai, but do not go there without a local instructor because of strong and unpredictable and therefore dangerous currents and waves.

You will find excellent snorkelling along most of the leeward side of the island as well as off Klein Bonaire, where the reef is even better developed. Most dive shops offer snorkelling trips that you can join. Bonaire developed the world's first "Guided Snorkelling Programme", which is a highly educational and entertaining programme beginning with a slide show presenting a variety of topics from a beginner's look at reef fish, coral and sponges to advanced fish identification, mangroves and night snorkelling.

Time: GMT -4 hours
Language: Papiamento/Dutch
Currency: Antillean Guilder
Weather: Kralendijk

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