Tobago is 25 miles long and 8 miles wide and forms part of the two-island republic of Trinidad & Tobago, lying only 10 miles off the coast of Venezuela in the southernmost Caribbean. This beautiful island boasts a central mountain range rising to 549 metres, which hosts the oldest protected topical rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. Still in its infant stages when it comes to international mass-tourism, Tobago has a largely undeveloped coastline with hidden fishing villages, secluded horseshoe bays and stunningly beautiful, palm-fringed beaches.

Although Scarborough is Tobago's commercial centre, Crown Point in the south is the island's main tourist area and home to the airport. While this is where you will find most of the island's hotels, bars and restaurants, the northern part of the island offers stunning natural beauty, deserted beaches, little fishing villages and an island experience off the beaten track.

The Tobagonians have a sincere friendliness and interest in travellers, and if you do not make an effort to at least talk to some of them, you will miss out on the delight of meeting some very warm, honest and lovely people.

Time: GMT -4 hours
Language: English
Currency: Trinidad & Tobago Dollar
Weather: Scarborough

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