Gangga Island / Indonesia, September 2008

Have just returned from a fantastic holiday on Gangga Island. The resort was very well organised and very welcoming, which made our stay very comfortable. The diving was awesome. This place is highly recommended. Our stay in Singapore was also very enjoyable and interesting.


Thank you for organising our trip which ran like clockwork. We are seasoned travellers. In the last two years we have had no end of problems with the travel agents we used to get to Borneo and Bali. We are very happy to have a trip which was so well organised. Thank you for all your work. I think we shall be seeing you again!


Mike and Danusia Bizon



Gangga Island / Indonesia, May 2006

We have been back for over a week now and the holiday seems like such a long time ago.....

but what fabulous memories we have of our trip.


All the travel arrangements went like clockwork no hold-ups or hiccups and with all seating arrangements had been booked prior to our arrival, so we where all sat together on each flight. Thank you and a very nice touch Nikola.


Our stay on Gangga Island was fantastic, Gaspare and the staff at the resort could not do enough for us throughout the holiday. Jan and Henrietta the resort instructors and Dolfie our dive guide were fab but it seems unfair to name three individuals when everyone working there was so friendly, helpful and accommodating.


Every dive site we asked to go to they took us to the next day. Any meals we asked them to prepare they made the next day (I'm afraid to say I asked for a chip butty, Mike and Val asked for nasi goreng), nothing was too much trouble. Any problems we had with our own dive equipment we took, they fixed.

The dive guide (Dolfie) was the same one throughout the holiday so he got familiar with how competent we were as divers, what we liked to see, how much air we used. What is more the resort employed a policy of no more than 4 divers to a dive guide, now how impressive is that!!


If we arrived at a dive site where there was another dive boat (I think this happened twice) we moved onto another site less crowded!!! How fantastic is that?

Mark and Mike did the deep diver course whilst they were out there and the tuition they received was really thorough.


And the diving...............that was something else.

If anyone had said to me before we went on holiday that I would enjoy muck diving looking at black sand instead of beautiful corals and pretty coloured fish, I would have said they were crazy. But how wrong I would have been.


I'm a convert, my all time favourite dive site is Paradise Point which is a mixture of muck diving, corals, weird and wonderful fish and hot springs....WOW


The accommodation was great, the bungalows are designed in such a way that although they are in blocks of two you never see or hear the occupants in the adjoining bungalow.


Val and Mike took advantage of the Spa facilities and really enjoyed the treatments they had.


We were all impressed with the conservation programme that Gaspare and the staff have initiated on the island and the training programme they have set up for the local children on the island to teach them how to protect the environment. We sponsored a turtle purchased by the hotel from a local fisherman and we released her back into the sea the day we came home. What a way to end a perfect holiday on a beautiful paradise island.


Many thanks Nikola for booking the holiday for us and no doubt we will be in touch in the future and we will see you and Gaspare at the dive show in October.


Kate, Mark, Mike & Val Steadman



Gangga Island / Indonesia, July 2004

I thought I'd send a quick note to thank you for my prize trip to Gangga Island. I had a fantastic time - all of the staff was very attentive, the weather and scenery were amazing, and the diving, particularly at Bunaken was out of this world! The whole trip has really opened my eyes to the joys of travelling to the more exotic parts of the world.

Thanks again

Simon Prinn



Gangga Island / Indonesia, June 2004

We just want to let you know that our holiday in Gangga Island was absolutely fantastic - thanks for telling us about it at the dive show. The resort is idyllic and Gaspare and Hanne make all the guests feel very special and run the resort so brilliantly. The food - so much of it - we marvelled at how the chefs created the many different recopies.


We thoroughly enjoyed the diving and can't imagine that there is anywhere in the world to have more corals and a wider variety of fish and little things to see. Itís a shame that not more people from England travel to the resort but then that's what makes it so very special.


Thanks once again Nikola and we will be in touch when itís our next holiday.


Andy and Chris Sheard

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