New Providence is home to Nassau - the nation's capital and centre of population, development and banking. Its thriving commercial centre serves an interesting blend of old world colonial architecture, straw markets, sophisticated hotels and duty-free shopping. Just beyond downtown Nassau, along Cable Beach and on Paradise Island, you will find more exclusive hotels and casinos as well as any kind of entertainment you could imagine for a good night out!

The dive sites in Nassau are primarily concentrated around the southwest corner of the island and -as a result - this is also where most of the dive operators are located. The colourful reefs here have been used for numerous film productions such as a James Bond film and the Flipper movie. There are blue holes to explore and some interesting wrecks, lying just off shore. The "Tongue of the Ocean", a trench dropping off to 2.500 metres, is where you will find wall diving and which provides good opportunities to see pelagics. This is also where the famous shark dives take place!

An all time favourite for snorkellers is off Love Beach on the north shore, about 15 minutes west of town, as well as the shallow reefs on the south side.

Dive Centres
Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas

British Colonial Hilton
Nassau Palm Resort
Orange Hill Beach Inn

Time: GMT -5 hours
Language: English
Currency: Bahamian Dollar
Weather: Nassau

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