Selayar Island is 90km long and 30km wide and lies in the Celebes Sea, just south of the most southern tip of South Sulawesi. This is a secluded island, far away from mass tourism, mainly inhabited by fishermen living in small villages that continue to follow their traditions largely unaffected by western influences. Besides traditional fishing, the growing of vanilla and tangerines generate the main sources of income on the island.


The eastern spine of Selayar is a 75km long mountain range that reaches up to 600m and falls directly into the sea, continuing to depths of 3000 meters. This formation has created some of Indonesiaís best wall dives.

Selayar is a fascinating destination owed to its unique landscape, unusual rock formations, caves, waterfalls and its beautiful unspoilt beaches. The almost uninhabited east side of the island, where the resort is situated, is still covered with original rain forest. This is also where you will find the longest house reef in Indonesia. Thanks to the efforts of the Selayar Dive Resort, this last idyllic destination has now been put under protection. With the help of the Indonesian Government, a marine park has been founded, which ensures that the diving in this area remains a unique experience.

However, since this island stretches North to South, the prevailing winds of the region make the East coast of Selayar accessible only in the months of October through May, when Selayarís mountain range shelters these East Coast walls and reefs from the winds coming directly from the west.


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