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It is difficult to divide the sea around Selayar into single dive sites, as the whole coast can be considered as one huge dive site. The reefs along the east side of Selayar are mostly steep walls covered in overhangs and small caves. Slopes and an underwater mountain are not far from the resort. Even before the marine park was founded, the unique richness of the fish in Selayar was extraordinary. Since the reefs were put under protection in 2000, there has been breathtaking growth of corals. Soft corals growing on the steep walls and hard corals at the reef top impress every diver. The Indo-Pacific is known as the world’s ocean which is richest in species and at Selayar there is the chance to see everything that the tropical underwater world has to offer – from pygmy seahorses to hammerheads. Below are a few highlights to give you an idea of what to expect:


House Reef

The house reef is certainly a highlight in Selayar! Those who have not had enough after two boat dives can ‘send themselves to the bottom’ at any time directly at the house reef drop-off. For those who prefer more comfort, the private jetty has bee extended to 145 metres and now reaches the edge of the reef.


Caves & Overhangs

A wall that slopes on a length of 45 metres, with caves and overhangs. This is an ideal place to discover snails, crabs and a great variety of gorgonian fans and other soft coral. There are ideal subjects for both wide-angle photography and macro photography. ‘Caves and Overhangs’ is the home of pygmy seahorses.


Shark Point

The dive begins at a deep drop-off, which becomes a slope after about 200 metres. You will dive along a wall that is beautifully overgrown with gorgonian fans, sponges and whip corals. When the current sets in, expect big schools of jacks and snappers and at about 40m depth you can meet every kind of predatory fish - grey and white-tip reef sharks, as well as eagle rays and at certain times of the year, hammerheads. The site offers a lot of diversity at any time and even if there are no predatory fish you are bound to come across turtles and napoleons.


© Photo by Werner Fiedler

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