Long Island
Surely to nobody's surprise, this island is rather long, stretching 130 km from north to south, but never more than 6 km in width. It has the scrubby vegetation of most of the islands of The Bahamas, but makes up for it with its truly spectacular coastline, shallow bays on the west coast and rugged headlands on the east, stunning beaches, friendly locals and great diving.

Relatively few divers make it here but those who do will discover a wide variety of dive options, including Shark Reef, the dive that was one of the first of its kind around the world.

Long Island offers dozens of excellent dives along its leeward shore including Barracuda Heads with its rich population of marine life, the wreck of the Comberbach, which sits upright in 30 metres of water, and the famed Grouper Valley, which offers a good chance of encountering pelagic marine life. On nearby Conception Island, walls begin in 14 metres of water and drop vertically to depths of more than 2.000 metres. There is also the Southampton Reef where Elkhorn and Staghorn corals decorate the remains of at least 150 wrecks.

Snorkelling is excellent along most of the East Coast of the island, which is easily accessible from shore.

Time: GMT -5 hours
Language: English
Currency: Bahamian Dollar
Weather: Nassau

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