Diving & Snorkelling
Few destinations in the world offer the variety of diving to be found in the Islands of the Bahamas, with more than 1.000 dive sites to choose from. Reefs with fantastic coral formations, wrecks, plunging walls, drift dives and mysterious caves and blue holes lie just beyond the water's edge. Due to the absence of rivers depositing silt, the water is crystal clear and warm throughout the year. No diver should miss out on the exhilarating experience of diving with sharks, in particular since The Bahamas are very much involved in international research projects and shark diving is managed efficiently without damaging the ecosystem.

The crystal clear seas off Long Island beckon with a vast array of dive sites rich with undrwater life. There are literally hundreds of sites to explore in pristine waters along two coastlines studded with reefs and ringed with beaches. Stella Maris Resort is the originator of Shark diving in The Bahamas. Shark Reef supplies weekly excitement as divers have the oppportunity to examine some 8 - 18 Caribbean reef sharks in their natural environment. The excitement doesn't not stop there. Stella Maris diving also emcompasses Conception Island Wall, undeniably one of the most pritine diving experiences in any waters. The wall begins at a shelf at about 16 metres and drops off into the Atliatic providing magnificent coral formation and sea life to explore.

One of the newest additions to this prestigious line up is The Blue Hole. Surrounded by land and recorded as the world's deepest, this dive site is a must for Blue Hole lovers. The seas off Long Island offer a vast array of pristine dive sites along two coastlines (Atlantic and Exuma Bank). Stella Maris offers an incredible variety of sites ranging from literally hundreds of coral head and reef sites of the northwest lee side stretching over some 24km to some three dozen or more explored notheast Atlantic locations.

Time: GMT -5 hours
Language: English
Currency: Bahamian Dollar
Weather: Nassau

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