Indonesia is the world's most expansive archipelago, stretching almost 5,000km from the northern tip of Sumatra to the south-eastern corner of Irian Jaya. It stretches 1,770km north and south of the equator between the Asian continent and Australia and between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.


The five main islands are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya. The archipelago contains more than 17,000 islands, only 6000 of which are uninhabited and its capital Jakarta is located on Java.


The islands and people of Indonesia constitute the fourth most populated nation in the world, with the majority of the population following Islam. This country is rich in art and culture, which are intertwined with religion and age-old traditions from the time of early migrants of Portuguese traders and Dutch colonists.


Indonesia has it all: The richest biodiversity in the world above and underwater, lush vegetation and impenetrable rainforests, mountains, historical sights, stunning beaches, remote islands, great food and probably the most spectacular diving in the world!


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Time: GMT +8 hours
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Currency: Indonesian Rupees

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