Being one hundred miles long and 40 miles wide, Andros is the largest, but at the same time least developed of the Islands of the Bahamas. This is the site of the third largest Barrier Reef in the world, running for 220 km along its East Coast within a mile from shore. Apart from a wide variety of marine life, Andros plays host to the thickest concentration of fascinating ocean and inland blue holes, caves, coral canyons and wrecks, and is an all time favourite for deep-diving fanatics from all over the world. In fact, the late Dick Birch, - who built Small Hope Bay Lodge more than 40 years ago, making it the first purpose built dive resort in the world - was for many years the world record holder in deep diving. Sheltered waters within the reef average about 5 metres, but on the other side of the reef there is a wall sloping off to depths of 3.000 metres.

Snorkellers can explore the shallow part of the reef off the beach or go out with the dive boats to plenty of other great sites.

The islands' lush green interior is covered with dense forests of pine and mahogany, which provide nesting grounds for a number of exotic birds. While the western shore is utterly barren and fringed by miles of mangrove swamp, on the eastern coast you will find a dozen settlements, a handful of hotels and several beautiful beaches. Check out Captain Bill's Blue Hole near Andros Town, a delightful freshwater spring where you can swim or sunbathe, or simply commune with nature by strolling along the forest paths taking in the wild orchids.

Dive Centres
Small Hope Dive Centre

Small Hope Bay Lodge

Time: GMT -5 hours
Language: English
Currency: Bahamian Dollar
Weather: Nassau

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