When to go
The Bahamas' sub-tropical climate makes the islands a year round destination. Generally a little cooler in the north-western Bahamas, temperatures range from 22șC in the winter to 32șC during the summer. Pronounced chances for rainfall, which usually comes in brief showers, would be during the months of August, September and October. Hurricane season is the same as for most of the rest of the Caribbean. It runs June to November with the peak being in September. The so-called "peak season" runs from mid-December to mid-April, when hotel prices are at their highest. The sea temperatures normally range from 21șC in winter, to about 28șC in summer.

Getting there
There are five flights per week to Nassau with British Airways from London Heathrow. The flight time to Nassau is about 9 hours. If you are travelling to one of the Out Islands in the Bahamas, there is often one night stopover required in Nassau on your outward journey.

Entry Requirements
European community nationals only require a valid passport, valid for six month after your return and a return ticket.

Local Airport Tax
US$15.00 on all international flights from Nassau, which is payable upon departure.

The official language is English, often intertwined with a special Bahamian dialect.

The Bahamian dollar is the local currency, which is equivalent to the US dollar and accepted equally everywhere. You will find countless banks and cash machines throughout Nassau. However, these are a lot harder to find in the Out Islands as many either do not have banks or offer limited opening hours. All major credit cards are accepted in Nassau, and generally Visa/Mastercard is accepted in the tourist establishments in the Out Islands. Smaller facilities will only accept cash or traveller's cheques.

No special vaccinations are required prior to arrival. However, take some insect repellent with you, in particular if you are travelling to the more remote Out Islands during the rainy season.

Time: GMT -5 hours
Language: English
Currency: Bahamian Dollar
Weather: Nassau

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