Diving & Snorkelling
An abundance of fish and coral thrive on the nutrients of South America's Orinoco River, which are brought to Tobago by the Guyana current. There are outstanding reef formations along the West and Northeast coast of Tobago with every known hard coral and plenty of sort corals, plus hundreds of species of reef fish; manta rays, dolphins, turtles and whale sharks included. Dive sites are numerous and varied with canyons, caves, walls, coral gardens as well as a couple of interesting wrecks. Drift diving predominates in Tobago and the drifts vary in intensity depending on the dive site, thus allowing fun and enjoyment for both beginners and experienced divers.

Contrary to common belief, the diving in the north of the island around Speyside is not necessarily better, and you will probably be very surprised about the variety of dive sites in the southwest. Do not miss the exhilarating experience of Hammerhead Shark encounters, which are very frequent around the "Sisters Rocks".

You will find good snorkelling off most beaches, with particularly good snorkelling off Pirates Bay, Mt. Irvine Bay, Arnos Vale and Great Courland Bays, as well as around Speyside in the north. Try to avoid Buccoo Reef! Although this is still the most popular spot for snorkelling, it has been severely damaged by boat traffic and thoughtless visitors walking on the reef and taking coral for souvenirs.

Photos courtesy of Buccoo Reef Trust

Time: GMT -4 hours
Language: English
Currency: Trinidad & Tobago Dollar
Weather: Scarborough

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