When to go
The climate on the island is tropical and temperatures vary between 21șC and 34șC, with the coolest time being between December and March. Water temperatures are highest from July to October reaching 28șC, whereas in February and March they can drop to 26șC.

Its fortunate location outside the hurricane belt makes it an all year round destination to visit, with a dry season from January to May and a wet season from June to November. However, the rain during the wet season usually falls in heavy showers, which end soon after they have begun. The Orinoco flow usually happens on and off between August and October. If this happens the water visibility drops dramatically and diving can be heavily impeded.

Getting there
British Airways offers two flights a week from London Gatwick to Tobago, with a touchdown in Antigua. A cheaper option to get there is with the weekly flight from Monarch Airlines from London Gatwick, currently scheduled on Wednesdays, with a touchdown in Grenada on the outward journey.

The flight from London takes about 9 hours.

Getting around
Car rental is highly recommended to have a look around this beautiful island, as there is basically no public transport available yet. Due to the limited traffic and low speed limit, driving on this island is generally a leisurely affair and it will take no longer than about 1,5 hours from the very north to the very south of the island. There are only two major roads and even if you should get lost, the friendly locals are always happy to point you in the right direction. Make sure you fill your tank up before venturing north, as there is a severe shortage of petrol stations. If you stay in the southern part of the island and do not want to venture out too far, you might be happy with just a bicycle or even walking. Taxis are widely available and some of the hotels offer a free shuttle service to the most popular beaches around the southwest coast.

Entry Requirements
European community nationals only require a valid passport and a return ticket.

Local Airport Tax
Not applicable anymore, since this is now collected by the airline you are travelling with.

The official language is English but you will hear the locals speaking different varieties of it, according to their ethnic descent.

The Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TT$) floats against the US dollar and other currencies and the US dollar is accepted nearly everywhere you go. Traveller's cheques and credit cards are also widely accepted and leading banks have usually ATM machines. Make sure you have enough cash on you before heading north, as getting hold of cash up there can be difficult.

No special vaccinations are required prior to arrival. However, take some insect repellent for the sunset hours with you.

© Photo courtesy of Buccoo Reef Trust

Time: GMT -4 hours
Language: English
Currency: Trinidad & Tobago Dollar
Weather: Scarborough

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