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Even though all dive centres in Northern Sulawesi are diving more or less the same sites, each has a different emphasis depending on their location and ease of access to certain areas from their base.


Gangga Island is located in the the Bangka and Gangga Archipelago with drop-offs as well as slopes and pinnacles. These exhibit almost undamaged marine life including all kinds of scorpionfish, frogfish, ghostpipe-fish but also pelagic fish and sharks and napoleon wrasses. This area hosts the largest variety also of small underwater creatures like nudibranches and sponges. The small island of Gangga offers a unique opportunity to dive some of the worlds’ finest Indo Pacific waters. With the colourful coral reefs, tropical fish and countless interesting critters, the more than 25 world-class dive spots in the Gangga & Banka Archipelago guarantee an unforgettable diving experience. As a special treat - don't miss a night dive!


World-famous Bunaken Marine Park with its thrilling marine life along steep drop-offs housing invertebrates like giant barrel sponges, black corals, gorgonians, and giving home to huge schools of plankton-feeding fish. You can also encounter turtles, large emperors, jacks, groupers, large napoleon wrasses and barracudas. Diving in the Bunaken Marine Park and around the offshore islands is certainly an experience nobody will forget in a hurry! Floating over some of the worlds most spectacular and accessible coral drop-offs, caves and valleys is like floating from the top of a skyscraper. The flat coral gardens off Pantai Liang take a dramatic 90-degree turn about 100 metres offshore, plummeting from one metre depth to dark oblivion, which combined with an average visibility of 30 metres will take your breath away. Enjoy hundreds of coral species and thousand kinds of different fish including lion-fish, scorpion-fish, barracudas, trigger-fish, moray eels, frog-fish, sea snakes, schools of massive napoleon fish, beautiful clown-fish, tiny shrimps, lobster, turtles, stingrays, manta rays, colourful nudibranchs and white-tip reef sharks.


Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort is situated in the north-eastern tip of the northern Sulawesi Peninsula. From here you can explore the Bangka Archipelago and the exhilarating underwater world of the Lembeh Strait with often strong currents in the crosswaters of the Moluccan Sea and the Sulawesi sea. World renowned for its most unusual critters, sponges, corals and a whole variety of featherstars, they house several camouflage shrimps, crabs and clingfish as well as the rare pygmee seahorse. Several huge shipwrecks from Worldwar II, which have grown into reefs now, accommodate innumerable critters. The reef just in front of Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort is protected now by government and under village law, which secures you a great variety of colorful fish as well as intact corals. At times, even during snorkeling, you encounter dolphins, dugongs or eagle rays. At times green turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.


Kungkungan Bay Resort, located in the Lembeh Straits, is well known for the World's best Critter Diving, but you will also find fabulous coral reefs, three WW II Shipwrecks and one sunken Taiwanese fishing vessel. All wrecks are easily dived and beautifully overgrown with reef life, whereas the "muck diving" is unsurpassed and a Mecca for photographers.


Most of the underwater attractions are also accessible for snorkellers, either from shore or ask one of the dive boats to take you to the right spots.


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