When to go
From May to November the average daily temperature reaches 29șC and even though this is considered the rainy season, showers are usually brief and Hurricanes are rare. From December to April, which is the peak tourist season and therefore more expensive, it is generally drier and cooler with average daily temperatures reaching 26șC. Water temperatures normally range between 25șC and 28șC, depending on the season.

Getting there
There are four direct flights per week with British Airways from London Heathrow to Grand Cayman takes about 9 hours.

For transfers to Little Cayman or Cayman Brac, one night stopover on Grand Cayman is required on most itineraries. To get to Little Cayman you will travel with a prop-plane on Cayman Airways, which are the only planes that can land on the airports' grass landing strip.

Entry Requirements
European community nationals only require a valid passport and a return ticket for leisure visits.

Local Airport Tax
Not applicable as already included in your ticket.

English is the official language, but you will also hear other accents from local dialect brought to Cayman by its Jamaican residents

The local currency is the Cayman Islands dollar, but the US dollar is accepted everywhere, as are major credit cards and traveller's cheques. You will find ATM machines at most leading banks on Grand Cayman, but none on the sister islands.

No special vaccinations are required prior to arrival.

Time: GMT -5 hours
Language: English
Currency: Cayman Island Dollar
Weather: George Town

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