When to go
Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate. The wettest time is in May and September/October and the hottest in the months of April/May, when temperatures can reach 35șC. The best time to visit Phuket is probably from November though to March when it is less humid and the cool breeze keeps things comfortable. However, visiting Phuket during the monsoon season is not unpleasant because most days are rain-free except for showers in the afternoon and the diving is hardly ever affected. The water temperature is about 27șC all year round and does not require more than a T-shirt and short to feel comfortable underwater.

Getting there
There are daily flights to Phuket with Singapore Airlines via Singapore. The flight from London to Singapore takes about 12 hours and from there it is only another hour on to Phuket. The transfer from Phuket airport in the north to the beaches in the south takes about 1 hour.

Getting around
A lot of tourists rely exclusively on taxis for transport, but there are many ways of getting around the island. A taxi between the beaches usually cost BHT 100, but you can usually barter them down to about BHT 80.

An easy and reasonable way to go out and about on Phuket is by rental car, which are available at numerous outlets on the island.

Motorbikes are the cheapest and most common mode of transportation on the island but they are also the most common cause of serious injury. Insurance is not available on any rental motorbike, so it is not the most recommended form of transport for tourists.

Entry Requirements
For stays of up to 21 days, most European community nationals require a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of arrival, as well as a return ticket.

Local Airport Tax
The national departure tax is BHT 500, payable at the airport in Phuket.

The national language is Thai but English is widely spoken and understood, in particular in resort areas like Phuket.

The official currency is the Thai Baht, but on Phuket you will not have any problems to exchange most major currencies, pay with Traveller's Cheques or get cash advance on your credit card. However, for purchases on the streets and at smaller establishments, you should always carry a certain amount of Thai currency with you.

There are no vaccinations required to enter Thailand and there is no Malaria on Phuket. Even though Thailand is a tropical country with some of the usual tropical diseases, they are generally only a hazard when venturing out into the rural areas off the beaten track. We can assure you that with a little knowledge of basic precautions you will be unlikely to experience anymore than maybe jetlag, an upset stomach or sunburn. Tap water is not safe for drinking and you should always resort to bottled water, which is readily available for a few pennies.

Dive Centres
Dive Asia

Andaman Cannacia
Peach Hill Resort

Time: GMT +7 hours
Language: Thai
Currency: Thai Baht
Weather: Phuket

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