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Some of the richest and most diverse coral reefs can be found in the Philippines. Being one of the most productive marine ecosystems in the world, it is no wonder the country's waters abound with species of fish, shells, various marine invertebrates and other forms of marine life found in the Indo-Pacific region.


This area in particular has been voted by scientists to have one of the highest number of marine species of any place in the world. You can expect to see crabs, file fish, schools of batfish, shrimp, hawk fish, frogfish, dragonfish, lionfish, triggerfish, lizardfish, mooray eels, pufferfish, a vast variety of nudibranchs and others. There are also a few interesting little wrecks, which are just teeming with life.

Due to the huge number of different dive sites, the diving in Puerto Galera is suitable for the complete novice as well as for the very advanced diver.


The pros among you should not miss the "Canyons"! A dive site where you will race over several small drop-offs covered in soft corals and sponges and then duck into one of the Canyons for a respite from the current. There is much to find on the bottom but primarily it is the large schools of snapper, emperors, sweet-lips, barracudas, jacks, trevally, and occasional sharks that make this an exciting dive.

A journalist of one of the UK dive magazines once described Asia Divers as "the next best thing to liveaboard diving"!

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