Diving & Snorkelling
The protective coral reefs surrounding each island contain over 1.000 species of tropical fish, innumerable varieties of shells and countless shapes and sizes of corals. The profusion of psychedelic colours, the abundance and variety of marine life, visibility often exceeding 50 metres and warm temperatures throughout the year, make diving in the Maldives a delight. Both of the mentioned resorts have excellent house reefs, and snorkellers can experience the same pleasures from the surface.

Komandoo offers a large variety of dive sites. Calm or drift diving, shallow or deep diving, caves, walls or wreck diving. There are more than 10 channels and 45 dive sites close by. The marine life around Komandoo is very unique and has been kept rather intact because of the low amount of divers in this area during the past 20 years.

Official Manta season in Komandoo is October/November, whereas "stray" Mantas can be found here all year round.

Although strict local regulation of fishing and commercial exploitation has kept the marine environment in a near-pristine state, in 1998 the reefs began feeling the effects of El Nino. Thankfully a lot of the Maldives coral reefs emerged unscathed and it appears the process has not harmed any other marine life. Marine biologists believe this phenomena to be cyclical and are watching the growth of the new coral with avid interest. In short, the reefs are still absolutely stunning, even though they may have temporarily lost some of their splendour.

Guided snorkelling trips are offered twice a week and there is great snorkelling available on the house reef.

Photo by Barbara Werdath

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