Diving & Snorkelling
The local reef of Eriyadu is one of the most stunning in the Maldives with warm waters and magnificent visibility. There are 5 entry points spaced around the reef giving you access to the many wonderful reef formations. In these waters you will find guitar sharks and very large nurse sharks among the constant underwater companions; sometimes in late afternoon a huge koiba (2 metres) is sighted and you are likely to come across curious almost tame turtles, napoleons, rays, eagle rays, sharks, zebra sharks and a large number of bat fish.

Due to its fortunate location there are two Manta seasons here; one runs from December till mid-April and the other from June till November.

The best chances to see whale sharks in this area are during the months from November till April.

The night dives on the drop off (wall) on the east side of the island are probably one of the most fascinating experiences you could hope for. You can dive on the house-reef from 6am to 8pm and Eriyadu is macro photography heaven.

Due to its secluded position right at the top of the North-Male-Atoll, this island still offers exclusive diving areas, a feature which unfortunately can no longer be taken for granted in the Maldives. 35 out of the total 40 diving spots are visited only by divers from Eriyadu.

The protective coral reefs surrounding each island in the Maldives contain over 1.000 species of tropical fish, innumerable varieties of shells and countless shapes and sizes of corals. The profusion of psychedelic colours, the abundance and variety of marine life, visibility often exceeding 50 metres and warm temperatures throughout the year, make diving in the Maldives a delight. Both of the mentioned resorts have excellent house reefs, and snorkellers can experience the same pleasures from the surface.

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Time: GMT +5 hours
Language: Dhivehi
Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa
Weather: Male

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