When to go
Papua, like the rest of Indonesia, has two monsoon seasons which are however more defined by wind than by rain. The northwest monsoon from December till March brings slightly stronger winds than the southeast monsoon. November, April and part of May are transitional periods and winds are generally light and variable.

This region has favourable weather all year round, with smooth seas almost all the time. Some waves are normally encountered from mid July till mid September, but very rarely jeopardize the diving.

Being a tropical region it rains frequently, but the short heavy showers, mainly in the late afternoon and evenings, are usually closely followed by sunshine.

Getting there
There are daily flights from London to Singapore and three flights a week from Singapore to Manado on Silk Air. The flight to Singapore takes about 12 hours and on to Manado you are looking at another 3 hours. From Manado there is a 2 hour flight to Sorong in Papua, but due to the flight connections an overnight stop in Manado is necessary on the outward journey, as well as one night in Sorong on the return journey.

In Sorong you will be picked-up and taken on a 2.5 hour journey by boat to Kri Island and the Sorido Bay Resort.

Entry Requirements
Most European community nationals require a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity from the date of arrival, a return ticket and a tourist visa, which you will get at the port of entry. The visa can be bought for US$15 at the airport in Manado. (make sure you have crisp, new notes with you to avoid any problems!) 

Local Airport Tax
At Sorong the airport tax is Rp. 16.000 (about US$1.50) and in Manado RP 75.000, payable upon your departure.

Even though "Bahasa Indonesia" is spoken as a national language, people of different tribes inhabit this region, distinguished mainly by language or dialect according to their background.

However, provided you are patient and speak slowly with the locals, you will get by quite well with English or alternatively with your hands and feet!

Banks with 24-hour ATM's are readily available throughout North Sulawesi in all major population centres. At the Sorido Bay Resort it is best to pay for any extras in cash and they accept Euros, US Dollars and Indonesian Rupiah. Should you need to pay by Credit Card, you will be taken to Sorido's office in Sorong upon departure, where they are able to process credit cards.

There are no vaccinations required to enter Indonesia, but inoculations for Tetanus, Typhoid and Hepatitis-A are recommended.

There are very few mosquitoes on the islands and we believe that with a few basic precautions it is possible to avoid heavy medication. However, malaria is present in Papua, and this is a personal decision everyone has to make, so please consult your doctor before travelling. We strongly recommend NOT using Lariam, due to the severe side effects and limited effectiveness in this area (resistance). In any case, mosquito repellent is highly recommended.

Indonesia is a tropical country with low levels of sanitation and little education on hygienic issues. The biggest hazards come from contaminated food and water, whereas there is nothing for you to worry about if you are staying and eating in the tourist resorts. The food and drinking water at the resorts is absolutely safe, but you should avoid ice cubes in your drink if you are planning to have a drink in any of the local restaurants along the road.

The biggest risks run by tourists are dehydration and sunburn, so make sure you take a bottle of water with you wherever you go and keep the sun-block lotion handy.

Photo by Gerry Allen

Dive Centres
Papua Diving

Sorido Bay Resort

Time: GMT +8 hours
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Currency: Indonesian Rupees
Weather: Manado

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