Diving & Snorkelling
With about 3,500 marine species living in the waters of Indonesia, the biodiversity is considerably more prolific than you will find in the Red Sea (600 species) or the Great Barrier Reef (1,500 species). In fact, about 25% of all reefs in the world are in Indonesia. The drop-offs, plateaus and slopes of the Gili Islands reflect a good cross section of what Indonesia has to offer. There are about 20 dive spots around these islands, with new reef being discovered all the time.

Some of the dive sites include:

Shark Point/Andy’s Reef – excellent spot for viewing larger marine life and you can expect to see turtles, white tip and black tip reef sharks, jacks, barracuda, tuna, groupers, stingrays, triggerfish and batfish, to name just a few.

Deep Halik – a steep slope ending up in a series of canyons in the deeper parts with beautiful hard coral formations, along with lionfish, bump head parrotfish, moray eels, green and hawksbill turtles.

Gili Air Wall – a wall dropping off to about 30m, which is home to soft and hard corals in huge varieties, overhangs and arches filled with glassfish, moray eels, octopus, leaf scorpion fish and white tip reef sharks.

At Villa Almarik there is an excellent house reef in front of the resort, which runs along the entire south of the island. Guests can snorkel here at leisure with emphasis on large numbers and varieties of fish, rather than prolific coral reefs.

In addition you can rent glass bottom boats with guides that take guest snorkeling to the other two Gili Islands.

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