Diving & Snorkelling
Bali has a wide range and variety of dive sites, offering something for the novice as well as very experienced diver. Imagine exploring a steel shipwreck, diving over sand slopes, off vertical drop-off, along deep coral covered ridge, in roaring currents or quiet bays.

Some of the dive sites include:

Tulamben Wreck & Tulamben Wall - The premier dive site of North Bali is the Liberty wreck found only 50m off-shore. During WWII the ship was torpedoed and beached, and in 1963 spectacularly slid into the ocean during the eruption of Mt Agung. It is SE Asia's most dived wreck. Tulamben Wall is about 500m from the wreck, dropping to a depth of 60m and home to large barrel sponges and a huge Muricella gorgonian fan where pygmy seahorses are occasionally found. There is good soft coral cover along the wall and a number of cleaner shrimp stations.

Blue Lagoen - You will always find frogfish, as well as ribbon eels and sometimes a cat shark. The most interesting sights here are reddish scorpion fish, nudibranchs like Spanish dancers, leaf fish and black giant frogfish.

Gili Biaha - This dive site is not for beginners. This site has a cave large enough for several divers to enter there are nearly always several white tip reef sharks.

Nusa Penida – Manta rays can be seen all year round and predictable sightings of mola-mola, the giant sunfish, from August till October.

There is snorkelling in Bali, but not in front of the resort. If guest would like to go snorkelling, they can join the dive boats when they are going to dive sites also suitable for snorkelling. If the boats are going to Tulamben, there is great snorkelling off the beach there, even though access is not always easy due to the beach being a stone beach. There is also a sand beach about 15 minutes drive from the resort, Blue Lagoon in Padang Bai, which is good for snorkelling.

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